April 28, 2020

The plant, positioned near downtown L.A., opened in Fall 2018 after a compressed 10-month construction schedule. Shortly before launch, President Steve Lode commented on the new plant's raw material storage capabilities. "We have the ability to store about 5000 tons of live aggregate on site and the capability to house 10 different aggregates at any one given time and batch 10 different aggregates at any one given time."  One year later, that ability has proven itself a useful attribute to meet the tight production schedules of construction projects scattered across Los Angeles. "The Vernon plant can indeed fill all raw material storage at a much faster rate than can be batched," says Lode. "At the end of several very large production days, all materials remained topped off during the day, eliminating the need for extended hours to receive and recharge materials."  The automated system also allows for easy night delivery of materials of reduce hauling during the most congested traffic times of the day.s

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