D.H.E. Inc. / CON-E-CO will supply labor and miscellaneous erection material to erect equipment as per our proposal.  DHE Inc. will receive truckloads of equipment, unload, stage and erect all equipment, contained in our proposal on customer supplied foundations.  Customer to provide applicable all-terrain forklift, manlift and crane as required during project.  Customer to remove all foreign materials prior to DHE / CON-E-CO site arrival.  Customer to provide all electrical services, clean-up and removal of rubbish, sanitation facilities on project site and all required permits.


  • Clear access around complete structure during all operations. No obstructions,  e. stock piles, electrical, forming, water lines, equipment, etc.
  • Work to be performed continuously during regular working hours in accordance with State and Federal Regulations, once job notice to commence is given.
  • All connections to be bolted.
  • All foundation connections and layout to be as per plans by D.H.E. Inc.

Recap of Time & Materials of Erection/Installation:

  • Mobilization -  move  labor  and  erection equipment on to job site and off of job site.
  • Unload trucks and stage, proposed equipment.
  • Demolition / Erection of proposed equipment.
  • Mechanical, airlines, controls, automation, water and pneumatic equipment hook-up by customer.

We appreciate your interest in the equipment and services of DHE Inc.