DHE Donates 1/4% of New Concrete Batch Plant Sales to Chico State CIM Program.

DHE, Inc. continues to support the Chico State Concrete Industry Management (CIM) program, and we are proud to announce our newest initiative to directly impact the future of the concrete industry through its future leaders.

DHE, Inc. will donate 1/4% of sales from new Concrete Batch Plants directly to the Chico State CIM program via the "Chico CIM Patrons" endowment.  This is an industry leading effort, and we are pleased to pioneer it.  The CIM program is educating the next generation of concrete industry professionals through a dedicated 4-year B.S. program across multiple state universities throughout the U.S. Additionally, by exposing them directly to the industry through internships, industry associations, trade shows, and community service projects; the program has developed a proven system of producing a yearly batch of graduates eager and prepared to fill crucial roles specific to the concrete industry.

By supporting this program, we're not just investing in the future of the industry, but also in the success of our customers. By purchasing a concrete batch plant from us, you'll be supporting the growth and development of the entire industry. Concrete batching is at the heart of every concrete supplier’s and producer’s organization, and a concrete batch plant is a generational asset. By tying new concrete batch plant sales to support of the program, we create a way for incoming industry professionals to take new forms of pride and ownership in their chosen company.

Know that when you purchase from DHE, Inc., you are investing in this industry's future.

Chico State CIM