Where Caltrans (California D.O.T.) Is Considering Allowing Recycling Concrete Into Fresh Concrete.

November 30, 2012

A work group has recently been put together of the ready mixed concrete industry and Caltrans to explore ways to expand use of recycled concrete materials in making new concrete. The effort is spurred by a desire to conserve natural resources and reduce truck trips and carbon emissions. The group is initially focusing on ways to allow use of returned plastic concrete in Caltrans specifications for minor concrete, such as curbs, sidewalks, and barrier rails. The work group held their first meeting in November and will meet monthly through June 2013. The work group is led by Mike Donovan (Central Concrete) and Don Vivant (Sully-Miller). Other participants include Mike Serra (Pacific Aggregates), Pat Imhoff (CalPortland), Robert Graine (A&A Concrete), Tarek Khan (BASF), Craig Hennings (Southwest Concrete Pavement Association). For information, – by Charlie Rea CalCima.