ArgonicsUrethane Belt Wipers

Argonics Micro Eraser

The Micro Eraser is your answer for portable equipment with tight clearance issues. Designed with our 6" tall polyurethane blade, it works best on belts up to 48" wide with head pulleys of 28" diameter or less. This economical but powerful system uses our patented Perma-Torque™ tensioner. Manual

Recommended Belt Speeds: 0 - 500 fpm (2.5 m/s) Recommended Pulley Diameter (PD): 8" - 20" (200 mm - 500 mm)


The Eraser system is our standard industrial workhorse. This rugged yet versatile cleaner is built around our exclusive patented Safe TorqueTM tensioning system. It is equipped with a 7.25" tall polyurethane blade, and can handle most of your demanding applications with ease.  Manual

Recommended Belt Speeds: 0 - 750 fpm (3.8 m/s) Recommended Pulley Diameter (PD): 16" - 32" (400 mm - 800 mm)

Production range 24" to 70" Wide Conveyor Belts
Price from $1,500.00 - $3,500.00

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