Small Foot Print, Big Production

Existing Concrete Batch Plant facilities can go through severe changes when the local market demand triples in a few years.  The logistics of shuttling cement and aggregate in and concrete mixer trucks out can be extreme.  Locating a Ready-mix batch plant on a small piece of property is a challenge in among its self.  But when the production requires a second batch plant to be added and new mix designs requiring 6 different aggregates, the plant configuration becomes a bigger challenge.

The original plant configuration was a typical Portable Batch Plant with 2 cements and 4 aggregates being fed by a 30X80 radial stacking conveyor.  Average production was 150 yards per hour.  Aggregate was stock piled by the loader into ground bunkers.  The ground bunker storage consumed 35% of the site area.  The mixer truck washout area was under sized and water storage inadequate.

By adding a 2nd portable plant alongside of the existing plant, production was doubled to 300 yards per hour.  By centralizing the 2 batch plants on the property, the new 6 compartment 800 ton bunker storage system was capable of feeding both plants simultaneously.  Six individual 30″ X 500 TPH conveyors automatically fill the plants on demand.  A new 300 ton X 12 compartment aggregate extension was installed over the 2 batch plant bins increasing the total live storage to 1,100 tons.

By refocusing the batching equipment to the center of the property, truck driving lanes were opened up and off-loading times were greatly reduced.  The perimeter of the property can now be used to manage environmental needs.  The reconfigured site is now poised to take care of growing customer needs with new efficiency’s.
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