BMHRollMaster Mixer

There is only one Rollmaster® The RollMaster was introduced to the industry by BMH Systems in 1999. While others have attempted to imitate the RollMaster, they are simply behind before they begin. The RollMaster is under constant evaluation by the same group of talented and forward-thinking professional Engineers that created it. They are able to build upon decades of industry use to re-innovate the innovation that is continuing to change the industry!

Simply Revolutionary BMH has developed the optimal mixing technology for the ready mix industry, the RollMaster. This heavy-duty, highcapacity reversing drum mixer does not tilt. It rotates forward at full speed for charging and mixing and reverses rotation at variable speed for discharging. Mounted on solid urethane tires, the drum rotates with less noise and vibration than any other mixer on the market. Costly ring gears and gear head motors are eliminated. The blade shovel system provides efficient charging, mixing and discharging, as well as easy cleaning.

Production range 145 - 215 Yards Per Hour
Price from $580,000 - $750,000

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