Portable N100 Concrete Plant

Galvanized Plant Frame and Understructure

  • 12 Cubic Yard Aggregate Weigh Batcher on Compression Load Cells
    • Four (4) Pneumatically Operated Discharge Gates
    • ¼” A.R. 400 Liners
  • 36” x 20 H.P. Mixer Charging Conveyor
    • 35 Degree Idlers
    • Belt Furnished with Vulcanized Splice
    • Dodge Torque Arm Reducer
  • 12 Cubic Yard Gravity Cement Weigh Batcher on Compression Load Cells
    • ASTEC BV-14 Batcher Vent
    • Scale Aeration with Manifold
    • 10” Butterfly Discharge Valve
  • 12 Cubic Yard Gravity Water Weigh Batcher on Compression Load Cells
    • Galvanized Water Weigh Batcher with 6” Discharge Butterfly Valve
    • 4” Water Piping
    • 450 GPM x 15 H.P. Water Pump – Plant Mounted
  • High Pressure Air System
    • Quincy 10 H.P. x 120 Gallon High Pressure Air Compressor
    • Air Lockout Valve
    • AAA Solenoid Valves in NEMA Enclosures
  • Low Pressure Air System
    • Fuji 5 H.P. Low-Pressure-High-Volume Aeration Blower
    • Piping from Blower to Cement Batcher Manifold
  • Electrical System
    • 480-Volt 3-Phase Electrical System
    • L. Listed Motor Control Center – Plant Mounted
    • Plant Electrical Pre-Wired at NOBLE Factory, and in Steel Conduit
    • Aggregate Weigh-Up Light Bar
  • Command/Alkon COMMANDbatch RM100F Batch Controller
    • Includes 5 Days Start-up and Training
  • CBC Seismic Design and Construction
  • Includes Foundation Engineering based on customer soils report.
  • Base Plant Shipping dimensions: 8’-6” W X 10’-6”H X 39’-6”L X 32,000 lbs.
Production range 65 - 135 Yards Per Hour
Price from $465,000.00 - $970,000.00

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