The NOBLE 100 makes use of a variety of ASTEC-CON-E-CO Concrete Plant components and parts. From the motor control center to the air compressor and solenoids, to the conveyor components and discharge head box. No need to source parts from anywhere outside of DHE, Inc. and ASTEC. The NOBLE 100 Hybrid Series Concrete Batch Plants were designed around three factors: portability, simplicity, and scalability.

- The NOBLE 100 is built on a slim galvanized frame, allowing the plant to fit on a standard stepdeck trailer. This means no oversize loads or trucking permits, no pilot cars, and immediate savings in both time and money for plant transportation. The plant ships in just two loads with one stepdeck and one flatbed trailer. The containerized plant can fit inside of two shipping containers, for extra portability and overseas shipping.
When erecting on-site, the entire plant can be offloaded and erected via crane in one day. The plant structure is designed and constructed to California building code seismic criteria (2023), allowing it to be utilized almost anywhere.

- With the NOBLE 100, the only options are auxiliary items to add to the plant for increased production. What are typically optional features on many batch plants are standard items on a NOBLE 100.
Each of the following plant features are standard on a NOBLE 100 plant: 36" Mixer Charging Conveyor, Water Weigh Batcher, 450 GPM Water Pump, 12yd Gravity Cement Weigh Batcher, 12yd Aggregate Weigh Batcher (4 gates), AAA Solenoid Valves, CON-E-CO Motor Control Center, 10 H.P. Quincy 350 Air Compressor, Galvanized Plant Frame and Understructure, Electrical Wiring in Steel Conduit, Fuji 5 H.P. Low Pressure Aeration Blower, COMMANDbatch Batch Automation Controller, and Plant Control and Load Cell Cables.

The containerized version of the plant features all of the above but utilizes a 30" Mixer Charging Conveyor and is 1'-0" narrower on the plant frame, to allow it to fit into a standard 40'-0" high cube shipping container.

- As production needs change, the plant can accommodate. Starting out as a loader-fed configuration, the NOBLE 100 is rated for 60 YPH theoretical. By simply adding a combination of feed conveyors and cement silos, this production can be increased to up to 140 YPH theoretical.

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