REXCONModel S Paving Plant

The Model S Portable Paving Batch Plant offers portability, volume production, and quality mixing. Modular designed sections are pin connected for fast installation on your jobsite.  The Model S produces up to 35 loads per hour with a RexCon tilt mixer, and 55 loads per hour when also using the RexCon Horizontal Mixer.  The commitment to quality construction enables the pin-connected, pre-plumbed, pre-wired, trailerized plant segments to be erected and disassembled quickly. 
Solid construction ensures that the Model S performs consistently after many plant moves.

Tilt Mixer Trailer - 12 cu. yd. / 9.2 cu. m (CPMB) tilt mixer with poly lined drum, 30  HP hydraulic pac, emergency mixer tilting, and mixer stand.

Plant Base Trailer - 12 cu. yd. / 9.2 cu. m (CPMB) aggregate batcher with 50,000lb. / 22,679 kg. load cells, 48” / 122 cm wide batch belt (500 FPM / 152.4 MPM), 20 HP air compressor with 120 gal. / 454.2 L tank, 3” / 7.6 cm Badger water meter, 5,000 gal. / 18,927 L water storage tank, 3 HP aeration blower.

Cement Section Trailer - 600 bbl., 2,400 cu. ft., 112.7 T /68 cu. m, 102 MT (CPMB) split compartment silo with double wall, high and low bin signals, mixer charging hood, five 5“ / 12.7 cm cement fill pipes, batched water holding reservoir.

Aggregate Bin Trailer - 90 cu. yd., 135 Ton / 68.8 cu. m, 122 MT (CPMB) reversible bin, with three (3) compartments and three (3) high level bin level signals.
Electrical System - 460 Volt power panel with starters.  Rexcon RC3 computer batch controls.

Recommended Rexcon Model S Spare Parts List

Production range 350 - 500 Yards Per Hour
Price from $1,675,000 - $5,430,000

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