CON-E-COMobile Tilt Mixer 12S

The CON-E-CO® Model 12S tilt mixer can handle higher slump mix design because of its larger drum size. It arrives fully assembled, wired and plumbed for faster and less expensive installation. The Model 12S has the ability to be fitted with a variable frequency drive which reduces wear on drive components as well as reduces the amount of splatter.

  • Larger drum size than the Model 12 with 12 cubic yards of capacity for higher slump mixes
  • Dual 75 hp drives
  • Oversized drum
  • Gear teeth clearance adjusted
  • Advanced “Five Star” mixer blade design
  • Triple axle transportation system
  • Optional mobile self-erect system reduces the need for a large crane
  • Optional Variable Frequency Drive (VFD)
Production range 275 to 325 yards per hour
Price from $640,000.00 to $725,000.00

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