How To Stop Water Hammering On A Concrete Batch Plant

August 20, 2013

Stopping water hammering at a concrete batch plant has become a growing problem, while area’s around concrete batch plants are developed.  As residential and commercial construction starts up again, local water districts will begin to upgrade their capacity and pressure for future growth.
The increase in water pressure at a concrete batch plant isn’t a problem until the water valve is closed.  A fast acting valve with water pressure greater then 60 PSI will shutter the plant pipes, sometimes breaking them.  A easy fix is to install a flow control valve ($28) or a plug ($1) with a 1/16″ opening hole on the exhaust side of the solenoid valve.  By slowing the escape of the air, the valve will close around a 2 second count.  Once you find the soft spot don’t forget to adjust the Pre-Act time of your batch controller so you do not over batch.