How To Evaluate Concrete Production Efficiency.

September 20, 2012

A time and motion study is a great tool to determine your plant production capabilities. What is a time and motion study? It consists of several steps.

(1) Identify your top 5 mix designs as a basis for all of your times.  Average the mix design weights for time sequences.
(2) Organize your record keeping with the number of materials per mix design.
(3) Break the process down to “Weigh-up” and “Discharge”.  Include “Mixing” and “Return” time if applicable.

(4) Using a Stop watch or Smartphone with Split Time function, record your times per material.
(5) Times recorded should equal a common yardage i.e. 9 yards.
(6) Individual batch times and times over a consistent period will identify different production process.
(7) Graphing batch times will allow you to identify slower cycles.
(8) Graphing batch times over a longer period (1st round, 4 hours, etc.) will identify processes that are cycled throughout the day.
(9) Logging your findings on a spread sheet will help with graphing the data, as well as comparing your findings with future results.
(10) Some Batch Controllers (COMMANDbatch) will export the material times or even present the information in a graph format.