How to convert a Concrete Ready-mix plant from dry to wet.

April 2, 2013

As a Concrete market grows, a ready mix producer may find the need to increase his existing plant production by converting from a dry to a wet batch plant operation.  Typical dry concrete batch plants will produce 150 yards per hour which is common for a 15 – 20 mixer truck operation.  As production demands increase, the need for a wet batch or central mix plant capable of producing up to 300 yards per hour can be a game changer.  Most dry batch plants will need to locate the tilt mixer beyond the existing mixer truck charging point, reducing the plant down time while the mixer foundations are being installed. The location of the mixer out front also allows the plant to be converted back to a dry plant if required.

Typical plant modifications include;
1.  Increasing the batch transfer conveyor tons per hour and belt speed to 550 fpm.
2.  Extending the length of the batch conveyor to the Tilt Mixer charging height.
3.  Relocating the cement weigh batcher over the tilt mixer or incorporating a Low Profile batcher.
4.  Confirm the material handling system can keep up with the central mix production rating.
5. Updating the existing batch controller to incorporate mixer controls.
6. Upgrading plant electrical for 200 Hp tilt mixer.