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There's no mystery to why, in Concrete Production circles, Pearson Systems is known for its unmatched reliability, efficiency and service for heating, cooling, water temperature control, and storage systems and accessories. It happened one satisfied customer at a time.  When Ray Pearson started Pearson Heating Systems in 1987, he had a mission. After 14 years in the industry, he wanted to translate his ideas for improving the concrete production market into reality. His new company would:
1) Provide the absolute highest quality concrete production equipment possible;
2) Help his customers realize the highest cost-value possible; and
3) Offer the kind of technical expertise and service and support that would keep existing customers coming back and attract new ones.
To this day Pearson Heating Systems continually strives to earn the loyalty of their customers by improving Pearson's existing products and adding new ones, to offer his customers the absolute best value, service, ROI, and cost savings in the industry.
Some of Pearson's products that have been proven to improve the bottom line of their customers are:

  • Air-Cooled Stationary and Mobile Chiller Systems with the highest available operation efficiency, with a full load EER of up to 10.2
  • Stationary and Mobile Direct-Fire Water Heater Systems that save up to 90% in heating costs
  • Recycled Water Temperature Control Systems that allow you to control the temperature of your gray water
  • A Water Temperature Blending System that accurately blends hot/cold water to set point in seconds with accuracy of +/-3%
  • A Remotely Located Digital Tank Temperature Controller with accuracy of +/- 1 degree
  • The Exclusive Pearson Burner with Lo-Fire Start that operates on #2 oil, natural gas or propane
  • Asphalt Storage Tanks available in Horizontal, Vertical and Portable configurations
  • Local Expert Technical Service and Support through our National Dealer Network

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