October 18, 2017

Mobile Concrete Batch Plants are being reconfigured to meet the growing short-term concrete market.  Typically, a producer will invest in a new concrete facility for a 30 to 40-year ROI.  However recent developments in concrete placement equipment has increased concrete production demand for short-term projects.  Mobile concrete batch plants with their self-erect features reduce the installation costs of a new batch plant operation.  Until recently, the mobile plants production had been limited to plant material storage.  Today the low-profile plants cement storage can be supplemented with portable vertical guppy's or pigs, and the aggregate material storage can be increased by using existing facility bunkers.  The CON-E-CO 327S mobile plant is an ideal 200+ yards per hour batch plant.  The 327S has a low soft cost and can be configured with added flexibility to meet short and long-term concrete production needs.  The NOBLE 6 load vertical guppys can feed the 327S plant silo via 50HP transfer blower or cement screw directly into the cement weigh batcher.  A water weigh batcher increases plant production and allows the use of site washout water.  The standard plant comes with 8 aggregate gates allowing the plant to be loader fed or by multiple material conveyors.  Ground bunkers can increase the amount of plant material available for increase plant production.  COMMANDbatch automatic batch controllers utilize a fast batch feature allowing for the pre-batching of up to 3 batch loads.  Flexibility and low costs will continue to be a part of concrete production for the near term.