High Hazard Status Starts for Concrete Ready-mix, Block & Brick producers.

October 4, 2017

Ready mixed concrete, brick, and concrete block producers are reminded that October 1 began the one-year period that those manufacturers are listed as a High Hazard Industry by CalOSHA.  It means plant sites could be inspected by CalOSHA’s High Hazard Unit.  Inspections are comprehensive and will include a review of Log 300s for patterns of injuries. They may emphasize heat illness prevention, confined space, and control of electrical hazards.  For ready mix, in particular, there will likely focus on eye, skin, and respiratory irritation from cement dust; equipment safeguards; lockout/tagout; overexertion and awkward positions; slips, trips, and falls; chemical burns from wet concrete; and respirable silica controls.  The High Hazard Unit recently made a presentation to the CalCIMA Safety & Health Committee, which is available from the CalCIMA office.