Radar Single DisplayDPM-500

The DPM-500 is an easy-to-read dual-line display. It accepts 4-20 mA inputs from a variety of sensors and can be used to power the loop if needed. It is viewable in fog, dust, smoke, and direct sunlight with optional superbright-readable displays. It is available with up to 4 relays onboard and/or a 4-20 mA output. The unit features UL/c-UL listing and CE marking and is packaged in a durable NEMA 4X 1/8” DIN enclosure. The DPM-500 has a unique, and flexible dual-scale capability. It allows a second scaled display to represent the measured input in a different form (i.e. height, pounds) which is of particular value in level applications.

Production range Sinlge Display for NCR-80 Radar
Price from $425.00 - $750.00

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