Erie-Strayer to CON-E-CO Tilt Mixer Conversion

DHE Inc provides full service conversion for replacement of competitive concrete tilt mixers with a new Con-E-Co Mixer.  By incorporating custom engineering for the project, the conversion down time is minimized getting your operation back up and on line sooner.  The CON-E-CO 5 blade tilt mixer configuration and the industry’s only through harden bull ring provides unequaled service life to a Concrete Tilt Mixer operation.  CON-E-CO mixers were designed from the beginning to match the 12 yard and 15 yard mixer capacity requirements.  They were not simply stretched from a originally smaller mixer capacity.  By engineering to a correct specification the mixing action is greater in a CON-E-CO tilt mixer compared to other competitive tilt mixer manufactures.  CON-E-CO also offers the Horizontal Reversing Mixer (HRM) as an alternative to the high agitation of a CON-E-CO Tilt Mixer.  The HRM mixers are less impact and wear.

Recently DHE Inc. completed another tilt mixer conversion.  All concrete tilt mixers have their own unique foot print and design.  In the past it has been difficult to convert the mixer drum and cradle from one concrete mixer manufacturer to another.  DHE Inc. engineering department can provide the experience and design for such a project.  To download a CON-E-CO 12Yd Mixer conversion for a REX Model S plant.