CalTrans increases the use of RAP with passage of AB 812

June 11, 2012

Great News!  AB 812 (Ma) passed out of committee today.   The vote was 11 – 0 when I left.  Most importantly, there were 32 members there, representing 24 different companies, that testified in support of the bill!  It was a very impressive display.  I believe the turnout quashed any thought of opposition from legislators.  Assembly Pro Tem Fiona Ma was very thankful for the support—and she personally counted and thanked each person that testified.

Impressively, too, the turnout was from a wide array of CalCIMA membership, including producers and associates, southern and northern California, and concrete and asphalt.  It was truly a unified industry event.  While the bill now primarily sets a 40% RAP goal, it has also been a vehicle to get Caltrans to move more rapidly on concrete recycle.

Since Caltrans is no longer opposing and with the strong vote from Assembly Transportation, the bill should have good momentum now as it goes through the Legislature.  It’s next stop will likely be Assembly Appropriations Committee, and we’ll keep everyone apprised on developments.

The other organizations testifying in support of the bill were the California Asphalt Pavement Association, Associated General Contractors, Southern California Contractors Association, Electrical and Utility Contractors Association, California Construction Trucking Association, and State Council of Laborers.

I know a lot of members took a full day of their time to register their support today.  Thank you to everyone that was here!

Charley Rea – CalCIMA


News Briefs
CalCIMA Members Turnout; AB 812 Passes Unanimously!  In an unprecedented showing of industry unity, over 30 CalCIMA members representing 24 companies travelled to Sacramento on Monday to testify in support of AB 812 (Ma).  The showing left no room for doubt – the Assembly Transportation Committee unanimously passed AB 812 by a 14 – 0 vote.  The committee hearing capped a year of work as well as a flurry of activity the past week.  Meetings with Caltrans Acting Director Malcolm Dougherty, Assembly Member Fiona Ma (D-San Francisco), and CalCIMA last week resulted in an agreement that incentivizes Caltrans to develop specifications for 40% reclaimed asphalt pavement (RAP) in hot mix asphalt by 2014.  It also requires Caltrans to issue a report in 2016 on high RAP utilization the previous five years.  The Director also agreed to research concrete recycle issues and to meet with CalCIMA further on the subject.  In addition to CalCIMA members, six other construction, trucking, and labor groups testified in support of the bill.