Calibrating & Troubleshooting a Badger Turbo Water Meter

November 11, 2013

Typically Badger Turbo meters are calibrated at the factory prior to shipment.  The factory settings are .0208 for a 2″, .0417 for a 3″ meter and .1953 for a 4″ meter.  To re-calibrate the meter you would complete the following;

(Amount delivered / Amount displayed) * .XXXX existing setting.  The new four digit number is the new calibration setting you will input into the meter board.

Is the power light lit on the turbo meter scaler board?
If yes: Proceed to A.
If no: Check voltage across terminals 2 and 3 on scaler board. The voltage should be 120 volts AC if this voltage is not there the board is not receiving power to active it. There is a problem with the wiring or power supply to the board.

A: Is the pulse light on the scaler board blinking when water is run thru the meter?
If yes: Proceed To Step A2.
If no: Proceed To Step B.

A2: Possible problem with board or signal getting to batch control. Turn power to meter off, take jumper wire and attach to terminal 2 (power terminal) on scaler board. Turn power to meter back on and tap other end of jumper wire to terminal 8 on scaler board. Observe counter on batch control or manual station.
If Counts Appear: If a count appears every time power is applied to terminal 8 the counter and the wiring between the meter and counter are ok. If this is the case it is possible that there is an issue with the scaler board. Recommended solution: Replace scaler board.
If Counts Do Not Appear: If counts do not appear every time power is applied to terminal 8 there is an issue with the counter or wiring to counter. Recommend solution: Trouble shoot to determine issue with counter or wiring.

B. If pulse light does not blink when water is run thru the meter and the board power light is ON proceed as follows. Turn power to meter off and record calibration number. Set calibration number on board to 9999. Disconnect wires going to terminal 1 and 2 from meter transmitter (Green and black wires coming from underneath board). Attach jumper wire to terminal one, turn power to meter back on. Tap jumper wire to terminal 2.
If pulse light blinks: If pulse light blinks when doing this then board is working properly, proceed to Step C.
If pulse light does not blink: If pulse light does not blink when doing this there is an issue with the scaler board. Recommend solution: Replace scaler board.

C. If pulse light blinks after completing step B, hook wires back up to terminals 1 & 2, leave calibration switches at 9999 and proceed as follows.
Remove bronze head assembly and inspect rotor and spindle for damage or wear, inspect to make sure no blades are damaged or worn. Spin rotor by hand and observe for blinking pulse light on scaler board or counts on batch control. If rotor is damaged, worn or does not spin freely: Rotor and spindle need to be replaced. If rotor is not damaged or worn and spins freely and no pulse is generated when rotor is spun:

D. Check to see if water flow (GPM) is within specification for proper meter operation. Also verify water line strainers are not plugged. If neither of these is the cases proceed to E.

E. If the meter is receiving sufficient flow and the turbine is in good condition there may be an issue with the transmitter. Recommended solution: Replace transmitter.
***Once all tests are complete return calibration number back to recorded settings***