BIBKO NA Sludge Set Product Solidifies Concrete Slurry Water

September 17, 2013

BIBKO NA has announced a new product that can absorb concrete slurry into a solid state for disposal.  Sludge Set™ is a super absorbent drying agent consisting of carbon, hydrogen and oxygen. These elements are commonly found in municipal solid waste. The dry product can be used to dry out common washout pits at concrete batch plants.  It is capable of absorbing up 250 times its own weight in water. One pound will absorb 30 gallons of water. Unlike other drying agents Sludge Set adds less than 1% free swell which lowers transportation costs. Sludge Set™ offers a more cost effective and safer approach than lime, fly ash, diatomaceous earth and other traditional absorbents. Sludge Set treated materials are suitable for Class 1 Industrial Landfills.

Sludge Set™ is a non-hazardous material that is easy to use and extremely cost effective compared to other absorbents, filter presses and rotary vacuum systems that utilize filter media.

Watch the video below as Sludge Set is distributed into one side of a class dish and grows to the right as it continues to seek out free moisture.