BMHBagging & Paste Plant

At BMH Systems, understanding client need occupies every moment of our day. We can offer you a well seasoned team, experienced in the design, manufacturing and distribution of high quality equipment for mixing and handling paste backfill and concrete. 

DESIGNED FOR PERFORMANCE • BMH Systems uses Twin-Shaft technology, with the shafts powered by NEMA certified motors. The study design of the main mixing plant with abrasion-resistant lining results in performance that satisfies your highest expectations. This mixing system allows you to prepare batches of up to 14m3

WHAT WE CAN OFFER YOU • Our commitment to the Mining Industry has provided us with an intimate understanding of the issues and the challenges of manufacturing operations, therefore offering you a reliable and sturdy system, sized to fit your needs. • BMH Systems has worked with the largest engineering firms for many years to develop and refine reliable, high-performance solutions that will provide many years of service.

OUR EXPERTISE MIXING SYSTEM • Sturdiness and Output capacity • The paste backfill and shotcrete mixing procedures are based on Twin-Shaft technology. Whether for batch or continuous production, BMH Systems brings the best equipment to the table, providing design and manufacturing to handle volumes of up to 14 m3 per mixer unit.

Production range 3 - 45 Tons Per Hour
Price from $1,450,000 - $5,850,000

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