Command/AlkonCP Material Handling System

The COMMANDbatch CP Automatic Bin/Silo Fill System provides a fast, automated and cost effective way to transport aggregate materials from underground storage bunkers into overhead bins, or to transfer cementitious materials from storage to the silos. This system is designed to determine the need for material, rotate the turnhead or shuttle conveyor to the correct position, turn on the feed belts as needed, open the correct feed gate on the storage silo and monitor the process until filling is complete. The system has interlocks to prevent cross contamination of the material bins. Any or all materials can be manually overridden at any time.  Display of plant operation on the COMMANDbatch or separate PC monitor provides the operator with messages and warnings when needed. The emergency stop button halts all related plant motion in the event of a belt break or other hazard.

Production range PLC Automation
Price from $14,500.00 to $25,000.00

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