Washout-N-Go BIBKO Concrete Buffer

December 12, 2022

One of the challenges in increasing plant production times, is reducing the turn-around time to washout and re-load a Concrete Mixer Truck.  BIBKO has perfected the Concrete Washout Buffer that provides up to 15 cubic yards of volume for bring back concrete.  Mixer trucks simply back up, deploy their chute and reverse the drum.  Washdown hoses are located at the buffer for quick cleanup of the truck and chutes.  The discharge washout is then metered directly into the BIBKO Concrete Reclaimer at the most efficient rate.  For greater throughput, overflow water is directly fed into the reclaimer for processing.  The Buffer is automated by a BIBKO factory PLC for 24/7 operation.

 Concrete ReclaimerBuffer Concrete Washout