As the incorporation of Concrete into High Profile Construction Projects continues to grow, so does the requirement of increased batching flexibility of high production concrete batch plants.  Although Concrete Tilt Mixers provide the ultimate mixing action for a load of concrete, some specialty mix designs need more sequencing control in order to accomplish the project engineer's requirements. 

High Production Wet / Dry Concrete Batch Plants provide the needed flexibility to the batch operator to select the best mixing action for the required mix design results.  By incorporating a 12 Cubic Yard Tilt Mixer (Alley #1), and Individual 12 Cubic Yard Holding Hoppers (Alley #2), concrete production of 400+ yard per hour can be accomplished by incorporating common Weigh Batchers, and Storage bins for maximum results.

A flop gate or chute with high wear liners re-directs the individual weigh batcher discharge of Aggregate / Cement / Water into the Wet or Dry Side alley.  The automatic batch controller can maximize the sequencing of material for a homogenous mix.  The individual dry side holding hoppers are mounted on load cells providing the required D.O.T. interlocks for spec mixes. 

As soon as the plant weigh batchers reach zero, the next load is weighed up while the previous load is being discharged into the applicable mixer truck.  By multi-tasking plant production, a throughput of 400+ yards per hour is sustainable.

Additional advantages of a Wet/Dry plant are:
Flexibility of not needing to operate the Wet side on low volume days.
Dedicating one alley to a Job.
Reducing plant maintenance and energy requirements.
High color and Low rate discharge mix designs can be kept to the dry side.
Dual alley allows for two mixer trucks to be staged and loaded simultaneously.

For additional information please give us a call so we can custom design a concrete batch plant to meet your specific needs.