January 7, 2022

Vanguard Construction company set-up their new CON-E-CO 454L Paving plant onto the City of Modesto, CA project to improve traffic between State Road 132 (SR-132) and State Road 99 (SR-99). The plants unique speed and Cement Silo Dust Collectors provides the perfect combination of short project windows with minimum impact on residential, commercial and agricultural centers.

As of January 2022, the project has completed the first phase, and is now gearing up for the longer second phase which will connect SR-132 and SR-99. DHE, Inc. is proud to have been involved in this project, which will reduce traffic congestion in school zones and other high pedestrian traffic areas.

With a 54” batch transfer conveyor the CON-E-CO 454L is the fastest Concrete Paving Plant available today.  Oversized weigh batchers, gravity cement and water weigh batchers and individual cement silo dust collectors are just some of the features of this plant that make it a true leader in concrete paving.

The plant can be loaded from either side with the 3 stackable conveyors with loader hoppers.  The cement silo is configured with six 5” diameter fill pipes and the fly ash silo has three.  The hydraulic self-erect plant under structure frame, supports all of the plant modules.  Erection of the plants takes about 6 hours by incorporating self-aligning pins at the four corners of each plant module.  Plant modules travel fully assembled with their own transportation system that remains in place while mounted on the plant frame.

A second CON-E-CO 12 Yard tilt Mixer can be added for additional production speed.  The mixers can be arranged as a “pre-mix” in line or dual mixer arrangement producing 600+ yards per hour.