Typical Cost to Install a Concrete Batch Plant.

August 13, 2020

Most Concrete Batch Plants in the USA are 175 yards per hour dry batch plant for a Truck Fleet of 15-20 Concrete Mixer Trucks.  Installation costs will vary from State to State because of the applicable building codes.

For a typical Transit Mix Concrete Batch Plant on the West Coast; following are estimate costs for installation;

$65,000.00         Concrete Foundation (Per CBC Building Code).
$55,000.00         Installation / Erection (7 days) Including 150 Ton Hydro Crane, 80ft Manlift, and 12k All Terrain Forklift.
$15,000.00         Electrical Service Hook-up.
$10,000.00         Water / Plumbing
$8,000.00           Batch Trailer

$153,000.00      Subtotal.

Applicable permits or site improvement costs are not included.