Tilt Mixer Variable Speed Controller VFD

October 27, 2022

CON-E-CO’s tilt mixer VFD (Variable Speed Drive) is a breakthrough for all central mix batch plants with a tilt mixer.  The VFD utilizes a variable frequency drive combined with a PLC controller.  The CON-E-CO VFD can fine tune the drum rotation to best optimize the operation of different tilt mixers.

There are three benefits to this operating mode.  First less wear on the load rollers, ring gear and pinion gears.  Second, the slower rotation reduces the rocking action when the drum is lifted to discharge, reducing the wear on the tilt pins and bushings.  Third and most important, concrete splatter is minimized for a cleaner operation with less plant maintenance.

The CON-E-CO VFD operates independent of the batch plant control.  By utilizing the electrical outputs to the batch plant, the CON-E-CO VFD is easy to install on any brand of tilt mixer.  VFD history fault menu are stored and can be reviewed for future reference.