Steps to Replace a Vulcanized CON-E-CO Lo-Pro Aggregate Weigh Batcher Belt

September 12, 2023

You will be working on the aggregate weigh batcher side opposite of the gear box (non-drive side). If limited on space, raise up the aggregate weigh batcher into the original shipping position.   Power off the plant and purge all plant air. Lock-out in full. Safety 1st.

  1. Remove the tail pulley and the old conveyor belt.
  2. Position the new vulcanized aggregate batcher belt under the conveyor on its side similar to a rubber band.
  3. Locate the temporary support jacks inside of the new conveyor belt band and to one side, so when you remove the non-drive side conveyor supports and transfer the conveyor load to the jacks, you can flip-up and over the new belt into position.
  4. Transfer the non-drive side conveyor load to the support jacks. Remove the non-drive side conveyor supports and skirting mounts that will be in the way of the installation of the new belt.
  5. Flip up and over the new belt into position.
  6. Reconnect the conveyor support mounts and remove the temporary jacks.
  7. Install the tail pulley.
  8. Properly align and tension the replacement belt per CON-E-CO specifications in your service manual.