Stationary & Portable Bulk Loadout Equipment

January 27, 2021

Over the last year, our industry saw firsthand the effects of material shortages, which affected every single producer. As a result, we have seen producers begin to add to their site storage capacities. Some producers have gone as far to add up to 900 tons of cementitious material storage at a single Readymix site. DHE/NOBLE is proud to have partnered with and supplied cement storage guppy’s for various bulk product suppliers throughout the West Coast and the Southwest.  Another area we are proud to have worked in is bulk material loadout facilities. This past project we worked on with Pan-Pacific Cement for their Port of Sacramento cement loadout terminal is a great showcase of the unique manufacturing capabilities of DHE, Inc. We built the silos for this facility to work in tandem with the loadout equipment, for an operation that supplies cementitious material to the Northern and Central California markets.

If you have any cement storage, or bulk loadout equipment needs, please don’t hesitate to reach out to Scott Humphrey (209.607.4947), or Cody Stauffer (530.615.8465). DHE, Inc. Contact Form

Sacramento Cement Terminal