Specific Gravity Chart for Concrete Slurry Water

August 12, 2021

Fortunately for the Concrete Industry, producers can re-use their waste bi-product back into fresh concrete.  The amount of re-use is regulated by industry standards (i.e. ASTM) and local D.O.T.  Reclaiming Sand & Gravel has always been easy; however slurry water has been the challenge.  Among other advantages, BIBKO Concrete Reclaimers generate the least amount of slurry water by not requiring the need of city water into their reclaiming process.  In addition BIBKO’s propriety agitators keep the slurry water in suspension with only 3HP motors.
By monitoring the slurry water temperature and specific gravity (fines in fresh water) a plant operator can control the amount of slurry to be re-used into fresh concrete.  The chart below is a great illustration as to the Slurry Vs City water ratio to be used.  By knowing the acceptable target specific gravity on the left-hand border, the ratio percentage is easy to confirm.  Automatic Batch Controllers have a “water ratio” functionality that can adjust and record the amount per truck load.  Some mix designs such as a Slurry Flowable Fill can use 100% slurry water regardless of the current specific gravity.

Specific Gravity Chart