14 Day REX to CON-E-CO Tilt Mixer Conversion

March 2, 2021

In the past, changing out an existing concrete tilt mixer with a competitive mixer typically took 6-7 weeks and was expensive.  Today with proprietary mixer legs, DHE Inc. is able to replace an existing tilt mixer with a new CON-E-CO 12-yard mixer within 14 days.  Demolition of the old mixer includes removing all mixer components, support structure and service deck to grade.  Within 24 hours of the old mixer demolition, DHE Inc. is able to begin erecting the new CON-E-CO Tilt Mixer saving on crane costs and plant down time.  Working a tight schedule with the customers operation team and electricians is a key factor to the success of these conversions.

Replacing Erie Mixer DHE Inc. replacing Rex Mixer CON-E-CO 12 Yard Tilt Mixer