Reclaimer Versatility is key to Operating a Concrete Recycle System.

December 7, 2021

Weekly and sometimes hourly, the throughput demands of a concrete reclaimer can fluctuate.

Investing in the right Concrete Reclaimer for your operation should be based on your immediate and long term needs.  From expansion capabilities for your growing Mixer Truck Fleet, to incorporating Boom Pumps and Do-It-Yourself Concrete Trailers, Concrete Reclaimers can provide the means of recycling return concrete and be an asset to your operations bottom line.

BIBKO Concrete Reclaimers are module in design and provide the expansion and layout flexibility for growth.  Because the BIBKO reclaimer does not require charging ramps or steel piping, Mixer Truck charging Buffers, Expandable Above Ground Slurry Tanks, and PDC ground level receiving stations can be added as needed or relocated to a new site.  BIBKO offers the Model 2000 (25 YPH) and 4000 (40 YPH) for the ready-mix industry, and the Model 1000 for the precast industry.  For a free layout and ROI for a new BIBKO reclaimer please call us today.

From Basic Concrete Washout to 100% Recycling Reclaimers, BIBKO has your product needs.
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