Ready Mix Concrete & ENERGY STAR: Reduce Energy Use to Increase Profits

July 24, 2019
Reducing your energy consumption reduces your costs, which improves the bottom line leading to higher profits. The EPA's ENERGY STAR program has published a guideline to assist in developing energy management programs. It is also a great guide for identifying common energy inefficiencies within ready mix concrete production facilities. 
With an average reduction in energy costs of 3%-10%, a well run energy management program can't be ignored. 
On an industry poll, it was found that approximately 60% of participating ready mix companies do not have an active energy management program. Without an energy management program, you could be wasting energy. Wasted energy translates to wasted money, artificially increasing operation costs.
From simple actions such as ensuring lights are turned off when leaving a room, to improving energy efficiency by implementing recent technologies (ie installing a Variable Frequency Drive to reduce unnecessary energy consumption) where applicable, it quickly pays to reduce your energy consumption. One case study in the document identifies 13 motors that were worn. New, more efficient motors saved 2M kWh and $168,000.00. Annual savings in maintenance was $30,000.00
"Saving Energy in Ready Mix Concrete Production" can be downloaded here.