Rail and Truck Load Out Cement Terminal

March 17, 2021

CON-E-CO has expanded the SLP Rectangular Silo product line to include Cement Terminals for both rail and truck load out.  The unique gravity feed storage design can provide up to 5 different compartments with a maximum capacity of 940 tons.  Each compartment is capable of having multiple fill pipes to pneumatically receive dry material from rail cars or bulk trucks.  CON-E-CO also manufactures vertical cement screws for a wide variety of feeding applications.  Additional storage can be easily added with a SLP Silo leg foot print of only 300 square feet.  Service platforms allow for a base level for loading spouts and dust collection.  Load out weighing can be automated and accomplished by material scale or truck scale.  Enclosed Vehicle Loading Spouts are designed to load dry bulk materials from storage silos into enclosed truck trailers or railcars.  The rugged standard duty spouts are available in retracted lengths as low as 19 inches [482 mm] and travels up to 18 feet [5.5 m]. Loading rates can be up to 500 cubic feet per minute [14.2 m³/min] depending on product being loaded.
Cement loadout Loadout Spout Rail offloading