Quick Summary Comparison of Stationary, Portable and Mobile Concrete Batch Plants.

September 12, 2020

Concrete Batch Plants come in many plant configurations and sizes; however they can be broken down into 3 different categories; Stationary, Portable Concrete Batch Plants and Mobile Concrete Batch Plant.

The basic difference is how long the plant will remain on site before being relocated.  Stationary and Portable plants are long term plants that will require a building permit to install and a 150+ Ton crane to erect.  Stationary plants are modules that ship on step-deck or double drop trailers that will be re-assembled at the new site.  Portable plants have axles attached to the plant frame and will also be re-assembled at the new site.

A Mobile Batch Plant will be on-site for up to 12 months and then relocated to a different location.  They include self-erect hydraulics that provide a quick set-up time.  Mobile plants are low profile and typically not attached to the concrete pad they are located on.  Mobile Concrete Batch Plants are also being installed inside Commercial Buildings to meet local restrictions.

Ironically all 3 plant models can be configured for the same concrete production speed of yards per hour.