Preventive Concrete Batch Plant Maintenace Schedule & downloadable applications.

February 13, 2024

All batch plants are not created equal and require maintenance tasks and frequency to be plant specific. Maintenance frequency needs to be based on production of plant - 100 yds/day vs. 3000 yds/day.
In addition, equipment on plants vary sufficiently from plant to plant – Dry Batch Plant vs. Wet Batch Plant
Download maintenace schedule with suggested plant areas to get you started. With the advancement of technology, there are also apps that can help schedule and confirm the needed plant maintenance is getting done.

Documentation of Maintenance
– What needs to be done. – Frequency activities need to take place. – Location of these tasks. Benefits: – To know what is done and when – Help identify cause of problems – Warranty purposes.
Continuous Maintenance • Housekeeping – Material build up /Access to maintenance points – Clean equipment makes repairs easier & quicker – Safer work environment