Owner's Costs of Operating a Ready Mix Concrete Batch Plant

June 28, 2022

There are few public resources detailing costs of operating a ready mix concrete batch plant. This is frustratingly strange, because not only is concrete everywhere in the world, but it is also the second most consumed material on the planet after water (not to mention an ancient building material and trade). It is often said that the concrete industry is a small industry, and this is true for those that work and live in it. As a result, most management professionals have worked their way up, gaining along the way the experience required to successfully perform their roles. Keeping this experience guarded protects organizational secrets, methods, and advantages. Costs to operate are unique to each operation, but general references of where to look and how to calculate the costs can be a big help to new and existing producers. The following is a brief synopsis of useful experience DHE has gained, and common questions asked during our 40+ years of providing equipment, engineering, and expertise to concrete producers across the USA. While this article (full) is written with a new producer in mind, the information should be useful for anyone interested in learning budgeting for a ready mix operation. -