New Concrete Batch Plant Site challenge “Doing More with Less”

June 7, 2022

Concrete Production sustainability and Process Water management is the new priority in laying out today’s concrete batch plant site.  As “Heavy Industrial” lot sizes shrink, layout creativity and flexibility are a requirement to meet the challenge of Concrete Producers being required to produce more with less space. 

Superior Ready Mix in Murrieta CA is a unique project we completed in 2006.  Although this plant was installed over 15 years ago, it still utilizes the space created and efficiency’s incorporated into the layout today.  By reducing the need for the plant to be loader fed, and moving water management closer to the Concrete Batch Plant, “operation space” was created to mitigate the turning and size limitations of Concrete Mixer Trucks, Bulk Trucks and Material trucks.  The unique property shape was maximized by rotating the Material Handling System relative to the two CON-E-CO PLP Dry Concrete Batch Plants.

DHE Inc. Twin Dry Concrete Batch Plant Layout