NOBLE Modified Vertical Guppy Installation

April 30, 2024

DHE, Inc. recently manufactured and installed a modified version of our NOBLE Vertical Guppy. Due to the customer’s height restrictions on site, the vertical guppy had to be shortened to meet compliance. Our team erected the guppy onto the customer’s concrete foundations and welded the legs to the foundation’s embed plates. To automate material transfer, this guppy is paired with a NOBLE Keep-Full Transfer System, which includes a WAM RVN Vane Feeder, a 50 H.P. Positive Displacement Blower, and motor controls with logic. This automated auxiliary storage will increase their CON-E-CO batch plant’s cement storage capacity by 2,775 Cubic Feet, or roughly 110 tons.

Some advantages of using a vertical guppy in lieu of a traditional “pig” are the ability to automate the material transfer via a keep-full system eliminating man hours associated with manual transferring of hoses or pressure management, and having the ability to fill the guppy while simultaneously transferring out. NOBLE Vertical Guppy’s are designed and manufactured with a CBC Seismic understructure, ensuring peace of mind and ease of permitting. Additionally, they can be expanded upon by adding another guppy with a vane feeder, using the existing transfer blower in what we refer to as a “tank farm” arrangement.

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