Mobile Continuous Mixing Plant for Roller Compacted Concrete RCC CTB

May 14, 2019

Last week, DHE, Inc. was on site with Rapid International Personnel for the start-up and commissioning of a new Rapidmix 400CW Mobile Continuous Mixing Plant.
Rapidmix 400CW Mobile Continuous Mixing Plant
The Rapidmix plants are completely self-contained, completely portable, and capable of 400 tons per hour continuous production capacity. Powered by a Volvo tier 4 generator, no outside power is necessary. Hydraulic self-erect allows the entire plant to be erected and ready to produce within hours. By the end of the first day, we had the plant erected, calibrated, and mixing.
Rapidmix can handle a wide range of job required applications. From roller-compacted-concrete to cement-treated-base, the Rapidmix can switch effortlessly between its stored recipes with the touch of a button. Have a specialty material? We can configure the unit to your needs. This unit was designed for a unique material. This customer added the ability to supply a third-party bitumen pump for asphalt recycling.
Quality of Life
Quality of life for operators is a major priority for Rapid International. That’s why the Rapidmix has a clean out conveyor for the mixing chamber, hydraulic side doors for mixing chamber clean out, touch panel controls with remote laptop included. Allen Bradley PLC controls the plant through a user-friendly touch screen. Within two days we had the entire crew running production through the plant, creating new mix recipes, and troubleshooting plant alarms.
Rapid RCC