Installation of a WAM RV Vane Feeder

October 10, 2023

WAM RV and RVR gravity Rotary Valves consist of a cast iron or stainless steel tubular body, a horizontal rotor closed by two lateral discs and a rotor divided into compartments having a V-cross-section.

Orientation and Installation of the WAM feeder - From the diagram and picture below, the shaft of the feeder needs to be parallel with the stream of air and rotating counter clock-wise.  The transition flange hopper on the bottom of the feeder needs to discharge powder in the same direction as the hot air direction.

Start-up check list:
Check the right electrical connections and the sealed closure of the terminal box.
Confirm the correct orientation and direction of rotor rotation.
Check to make sure a guard has been installed that all danger and warning notices are present and intact.

Confirm proper orientation and rotation of WAM feeder.
Check if foreign material or water has infiltrated the valve. If they have, empty and clean thoroughly any visible compartments.
Check if bearing mounts are adequately greased.
The first running test should be done with the valve under no-load conditions.

WAM Vane Feeder Rotation DHE WAM Feeder DHE WAM feeder