How to Utilize EPD's to Add Transparency to Your Concrete Delivery

September 22, 2021
The concrete industry is making rapid change towards better environmental stewardship, and rightly so. With the ever-changing landscape, it is more important than ever to stay updated.
As municipalities at all levels seek to ramp up programs that incentivize contractors to use products with Environmental Product Declarations, the question becomes - how can you as the producer ensure that you have access to the same jobs that include these requirements? The R&D required for EPDs is not light, and many are wondering where to even begin.
Luckily, there are companies looking to solve this issue, and bring EPDs to market for anyone who may need them. Climate Earth is building a support database that can plug into your Command Alkon software enabling you to include EPDs on your batching tickets.
Learn more about how their product may benefit your operations at
If you are not familiar, here is a snip showing an example of an EPD currently in use by an existing producer. This particular mix is produced at one of the largest batch plants in the world. Designed and erected by DHE, Inc.