How to Calculate Dust Collector Grain loading for a Concrete Batch Plant

January 28, 2020

Air Resource agencies have been asking for confirmation of Grain Loading efficiency for Dust Collectors on Concrete Batch Plants.  Following is an example calculation.  You can download the CON-E-CO Dust Collector Specification sheet and then filling in the applicable values into the calculation below.

Two part calculation example:

  • The average cement powder presented to the filter media in an hour is found by multiplying the anticipated production rate of the concrete batch plant by 0.177:
    • Concrete Production Rate = CR (yd^3/hr.)
    • Input Media Loading Rate = LR (lb./hr.)=0.177(lb./yd^3)*CR
    • Input Particle Density = PD (GR/ft^3) = LR*0.38 (GR*hr./(lb.*ft^3)
  • In your case with the 13yd^3/hr. the input to the media sees:
    • LR = 2.3 lb./hr.
    • PD = 0.877 GR/ft^3
  • The efficiency of the filter media is 99.9% effective on the cement particulate so the output exhausted to atmosphere is:
    • LRO = 0.001*LR
      • Per your calculation below LRO = 0.0023 lb./hr.
    • PDO = 0.001* PD
      • Per your calculation below PDO = 8.7 E-05 grains/ft^3

The filter media uses air pulse jets to “shake” the bags between loading cycles to deposit cement dust that has been collected back into the cement silo.

CON-E-CO Dust Collectors