Does injecting CO2 into fresh concrete at the batch plant actually help save our environment? Theoretical Vs Practical.

January 16, 2024

As a society, we all have the responsibility of cleaning up our environmental impact, so that future generations can sustain and have a better life than what we inherited from previous generations. In addition, we also need to be responsible to prove the environmental technology with actual field data that enterprising companies advertise to all of us. 

Unfortunately, the actual data has been very hard to come by from the same vendors that claim the environmental benefits of injecting collected CO2 into fresh concrete during the concrete batching cycle.  Attached is a Hawaii Department of Transportation (HDOT) sponsored research paper on the “Properties and microstructure of concrete and cementitious paste with liquid carbon dioxide additives” that takes you through the Theoretical Vs Practical process of injecting fresh concrete with captured CO2.  Unfortunately, besides other negative impacts, a portion of the injected CO2 is actually being released into the atmosphere adding to our industry’s environmental impact to future generations.