DHE INC Customers Gain National Spotlight

May 2, 2023

Outback Materials, a ready-mixed concrete provider for the California High-Speed Rail project, faced production-impeding maintenance challenges with their CON-E-CO ALL-PRO 12 CM concrete plant after running nearly a million cubic yards of concrete through it. The plant began to experience heavy vibration and other issues, leading to major components breaking. Despite efforts to troubleshoot these issues, the cause remained elusive, prompting Outback Materials to seek the expertise of the Astec team for a complete plant inspection.

DHE reached out to ASTEC's support team through their CON-E-CO Dealership Network. This team, with their was able to identify the necessary repairs and upgrades to ensure the plant's optimal performance. They also provided Outback with a customized preventative maintenance schedule and specially machined parts based on the wear patterns observed during the inspection. The ASTEC team's recommendations, including the relocation of the electrical box to reduce vibration damage, have since resulted in a significant reduction in plant vibration and no further breakdowns. This case study highlights the importance of regular maintenance and expert consultation in ensuring the longevity and efficiency of heavy concrete batching machinery.

Read more from the actual case study done by ASTEC, and be sure to look out for more in the future.
-DHE, Inc.

Source: https://www.astecindustries.com/about/case-studies/study/the-million-yard-maintenance-plan