Vintage concrete batch plant with new plant technology

DHE Inc. recently worked with a concrete producer who acquired a dormant 1960’s vintage concrete batch plant in California.  The old plant aggregate and cement storage utilized 3 yard scale systems with analog technology.  By incorporating a new CON-E-CO LoPro 327 Mobile Concrete Batch Plant, production increased by 200% while plant efficiency increased by 300%.  The existing aggregate and cement scales were removed, and the large overhead aggregate bin was redirected to feed the LoPro 40 yard Bin.  The Cement and Fly Ash silos were modified with cement screws to charge the new plant directly.  A recycling water system was added to allow the re-use of process water into fresh concrete.  A dedicated Mixer Truck dust collector was added to collect any dust while charging the Mixer Truck.  The CON-E-CO LoPro plant design allowed the street view of the old plant to remain as-is. The plant upgrades have extended the site production capability for another 40+ years.

LoPro 327 Aggregate Bin & Scale Cement Silo & Batcher Mixer Truck dust collector Mixer Truck Charging