Concrete Batch Plant Rentals

June 16, 2020

Although infrequent, some contractors and concrete batch plant dealers do provide monthly concrete batch plant rentals for a specific project.  While a typical concrete batch plant has an average life span of 35 years, they do require a disciplined maintenance program and an operator that thoroughly understands how to produce cost-effective concrete.

Typical monthly rates are 7% - 10% of the equipment replacement value plus $2 per yard produced.  This rental structure provides a minimum rental payment when the plant sits idle as the project prepares for the next concrete pour.  A minimum of 9 consecutive months of rental is a common requirement.  An 80/20 buyout option is sometimes available allowing for 80% of the equipment rental to be applied to the purchase price of the concrete batch plant.  Move-on and move-off costs are additional costs and  paid by the renter.  Daily, weekly, and monthly service is provided by the renter as well as replacement of any damaged or wearable items.

Rental Concrete Batch plants come fully equipped and include applicable Batch Controls, Feed Conveyors and Dust Collectors.