Comparison of Low Cost Portable Vs Mobile Concrete Batch Plant for Job Site.

May 25, 2021

A Low Cost ($372,000) Portable Concrete Batch Plant can appear to be a better option then a Self-Erect Mobile ($510,000) Concrete Batch Plant for a specific Job-Site until you factor in the soft costs to put the batch plant into operation.

It seems Concrete Ready-mix producers are receiving more requests to set-up a portable concrete batch plant on a contractor site as the construction projects grow in size.  The idea of a Contractor having a dedicated batch plant for their project has many advantages.  The local Ready-mix producer also has the advantage of increase revenue and maintaining daily customer demands.

However, the biggest question is what size and style concrete batch plant is the best for the project.  Depending on how long and how often a concrete batch plant will be relocated from site to site determines the soft costs incurred annually.  Most States allow a 12 month (maximum) State-wide permit that allows the umbrella for a contractor to set-up a temporary concrete batch plant dedicated to their project.  Following is a comparison between a Low-Cost Concrete Batch Plant Vs a Self-Erect Mobile Concrete Batch Plant.

Job-Site Concrete Batch

Portable G12L

Mobile LoPro 327D

Base Plant - 12yd Aggregate & Cement Weigh Batcher, Loader Fed Aggregate Batcher with 3" Badger water meter.



Plant Air Compressor



Incline Batch Transfer Conveyor



One Cement Silo 52 tons+



Foundation Ground mats travel attached to legs



Self-erect hydraulics with gas motor



Mixer Truck Collector clean-out.



Automatic Batch Computer with moisture probe and ticketing.



Factory Freight



Concrete Batch Plant subtotal



Job Site Move On / Move Off Cost


Foundation estimate (including demo & haul off)



Move On / Move Off Job site (Including Freight)



Job Site Costs (each)



Although the plant cost of the Portable 12GL Concrete Batch Plant price is less than the LoPro 327D, the cost to move on/off per job site will quickly make the Mobile Self-Erect LoPro 327D plant the least expensive plant to own and operate.